cub Benefit

Human Medicine and Science

  • The implementation in practice of the results achieved over thirty years raise the level of medicine in human civilization
  • Deciphering of the effect of deep low temperatures on living matter
  • Challenge in current invasive malignant tumor diagnostics based on the development of a new standard - Invasive Cryodiagnostics
  • Amplification of organ maintaining and minimally invasive interventions on the human organism
  • Formulation and introduction of new standards in oncological surgery
  • An idea of inter-disciplinary research that has been developed for generations has reached a level which may and must change paradigms in medicine, especially in oncology and oncological surgery
  • Contribution to establishing a new discipline in science and medicine - Cryoscience and Cryomedicine
  • Contribution to developing an innovative approach for modern Cryotechnology and Cryoequipment considered to be a basic prerequisite to the implementation of these new standards
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